Advanced Collaborative Communication

Begin to explore unique ways to manifest magnificence in partnerships and teams to communicate, collaborate, and contribute what works with the 7 Steps of Dynamic Teamwork.

New Years 2012; TBA || Kauai, HI
Spring 2012; TBA || Kauai, HI
July 2012; TBA || Kauai, HI
October 2012; TBA || Minneapolis, MN

Cost: $50 (2 for 1 admittance)

Fitness Dynamics

Discover and experience rejuvenation and alignment on all levels.  This transformative program is individualized for your optimum, overall health. It is specifically designed to fit us with a balanced, streamlined, and healthy vehicle to fulfill our highest aspirations and contribute the best into life.  Nourish your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual side and restore youthful vigor and endurance with this gentle elegant, yet effective workout of continual flow tai chi and yoga.
October 2012; TBA || Minneapolis, MN
Quarterly, TBA || Kauai, HI

Cost: $50 (2 for 1 admittance)

The Excellence Network Celebration

The intention of this Complimentary Event is to provide ongoing support and opportunities for Aim For Excellence members and graduates so they can establish a firm foundation in excellence and develop professional relationships with others who are committed to fulfilling their highest aspirations in life.
An Aim for Excellence Potluck!!!

October 2012; TBA ||  Minneapolis, MN
July 4th, 2012 || Hanalei Bay, HI

Cost: Complimentary

Please call to reserve your seat for these events at (612) 419-7927 (Minnesota Mobile) or (808) 826-9647 as space is limited.

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